7th European P4 Workshop (EuroP4’24)

The 7th edition of EuroP4 will be on October 28th held in conjunction with the 32nd IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP 2024), October 28-31, 2024, in Charleroi, Belgium.

EuroP4’24 will bring together networking researchers and practitioners to discuss cutting-edge, P4-enabled research and P4-based technology. The workshop provides a venue for presenting and discussing research and projects related to P4, as well as for more broadly discussing the needs of this research community. The workshop aims to forge new connections between researchers who already work with P4, introduce more networking researchers to the P4 community, and seed future top-tier publications, innovation and contributions to this community.

Accepted papers will appear in the ICNP 2024 proceedings and IEEE Xplore. Concurrent submissions to EuroP4’24 and the 2024 P4 Workshop are permitted.

CFP Open for Submissions!


We solicit original, previously unpublished ideas on research and engineering work enabled by P4, and work-in-progress reports in the form of short papers. We further encourage papers that propose new research directions or that could stimulate lively debate at the workshop. We invite submissions on a wide range of topics of interest, including, but not limited to:

  • P4 networking: All aspects of research on network protocols and architectures, including design, specification, verification, implementation, measurement, testing, and analysis that involve data plane programs implemented in P4.
  • P4 visibility: All aspects of research on monitoring, verification, debugging and troubleshooting of networks that involve data plane programs implemented in P4.
  • P4 applications: New applications and use cases enabled by P4, including in-network computing or aggregation for distributed Machine Learning, programmable in-network Security, Software-Defined Mobile Networks, Edge and Ubiquitous computing, networking for Augmented Reality, Internet-of-Things and Smart Cities.
  • P4 acceleration: Offloading transport- and application-layer protocols to P4-enabled targets, including end-points (e.g., SmartNICs).
  • P4 targets: P4-enabled software and hardware targets, as well as corresponding compilers, architectures and toolchains.
  • P4 education: All aspects of organizing and conducting research and education on programmable networks using P4, including designing specific curricula, building shared labs and network testbeds.
  • P4 experience: All aspects of implementing full network stacks on P4-enabled targets, including both data and control plane implementation.
  • P4 control: All aspects of research, design and implementation of control plane APIs and tools designed to communicate with data plane programs implemented or specified in P4.
  • P4 tools: Development frameworks and generic tools for P4 programs development, verification and analysis.
  • P4 evolution: All kinds of P4 language extensions, new data plane programming models and even alternatives to the P4 language itself.



Submission deadline: Monday, July 29, 2024
Acceptance notification: Friday, August 30, 2024
Camera ready: Monday, September 16, 2024
Workshop Event: October 28, 2024


EuroP4 solicits full-length technical papers of 6 pages (including references and appendices). Submissions should adhere to the traditional 2-columns, 10pt IEEE Computer Society format. You can find the template at this link.

EuroP4 will use a double-blind review process, hence, submitted papers must not indicate author names or affiliations.

Authors are required to present accepted papers at the workshop in order for the paper to appear in the ICNP proceedings and IEEE Xplore. Exceptions from this policy for occasional situations must be approved by the TPC Chairs before the beginning of the workshop.



General Chairs:
– Fernando Ramos, University of Lisbon
– Muhammad Shahbaz, Purdue University

Program Chairs:
– Amedeo Sapio, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
– Sandor Laki, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University

Publicity Chair:
– Csaba Györgyi, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University / University of Vienna


If you have any questions, please email the TPC co-chairs:
Amedeo Sapio <asapio [at] amazon [dot] com> and Sandor Laki <lakis [at] inf [dot] elte [dot] hu>


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