Join Us

The P4 Project is open to participation by any individual or organization willing and able to make an active contribution to our objectives:

  • Build a thriving open source community dedicated to the use and improvement of the P4 language.
  • Utilize P4 to describe how a forwarding plane should process packets.
  • Promote standardization and improvement of the P4 language
  • Enable industry participants to develop new technologies that function in accordance with the specification.
  • Benefit consumers and the industry by facilitating the adoption of the P4 language.

P4 is an open source community led by members following a high-quality governance model. 

Dig In

Participation is all about getting started. We recommend you begin by joining our email lists, visiting our forum and slack, learn about our working groups and ecosystem, and getting your hands dirty with the code.


We offer a variety of tutorials and resources to learn P4.

Working Groups

Learn about our working groups for language design, architecture, API, and education.

Mailing Lists

p4-announce: low-volume announcements (subscribe) p4-dev: active list for coders (subscribe) p4-discuss: topics not directly related to code (subscribe) p4-API: discussion list for P4 API Working Group (subscribe) p4-arch: discussion list for P4 Architecture Working Group (subscribe) p4-edu: discussion list for P4 Education Working Group (subscribe) p4-design: discussion for P4 Language Design Working Group (subscribe)

Linux Foundation Membership

P4 is a project hosted by the Linux Foundation and governed by the P4 Directed Fund. Membership in the P4 Directed Fund and Linux Foundation is not required to participate in P4 activities, although membership supports the continued momentum of P4 and provides access to member-only activities and project governance opportunities.

Learn more about the P4 Directed Fund Membership