2nd P4 workshop on November 18, 2015

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by Jennifer Rexford and Nick McKeown   Following the strong turnout for the 1st P4 Workshop in June, we held the 2nd P4 Workshop on November 18 at Stanford University. Like last time, the workshop was heavily oversubscribed again: All 200 tickets sold out three weeks in advance and 98% showed up on the day…. Read more »

Paxos made switch-y

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By Huynh Tu Dang, Marco Canini, Fernando Pedone, and Robert Soulé. Paxos is one of the most widely used protocols for solving consensus, the problem of getting a group of participants to reliably agree on some value used for computation. Paxos is used to implement state machine replication, which is the foundation for building fault-tolerant… Read more »

Improving Network Monitoring and Management with Programmable Data Planes

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By Mukesh Hira & LJ Wobker Quicklinks : INT Specification – INT GitHub repository – INT demo video Compute virtualization and the widespread deployment of virtual machines has led to an extension of the network into the hypervisor. Network virtualization solutions have emerged that enable rapid provisioning of network services — logical switches, logical routers, load balancers, firewalls… Read more »

P4 goes to England: SIGCOMM 2015

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Updated: link to the github repo : contains files and setup from the August 2015 SIGCOMM tutorial The P4 language had a busy week! From the 15-21st of August, SIGCOMM held its annual conference in London, under shockingly blue skies and a great venue provided by Imperial College.  In addition to a great set of papers, there… Read more »

P4 language evolution

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By Anirudh Sivaraman   It’s been a year since the P4 language was first proposed in an ACM CCR article. In the past year, the language has evolved from a proposal into a specification. This blog post captures some of the thinking behind this evolution: what features were added to P4 and why? This post is… Read more »

P4 and Open vSwitch

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by Ben Pfaff Open vSwitch (“OVS”) is a virtual switch that is commonly used with Linux-based hypervisors such as KVM and Xen, although it supports other environments too such as FreeBSD and Hyper-V.  Surveys have reported that OVS is the most popular networking plugin for the widely adopted OpenStack cloud management system.  OVS is also… Read more »

1st P4 Workshop on June 4, 2015

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By Jen Rexford and Nick McKeown To start fostering community around P4, we organized a small by-invitation workshop with people from industry and academia who we knew were actively working on P4-related topics.  We thought we’d have around 30 or 40 people, tops.  After all, how many people pine for the opportunity to program packet processing?… Read more »

An open-source P4 switch with SAI support

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By Chaitanya “CK” Kodeboyina First let me introduce myself. I am the head of software at Barefoot Networks where I lead a senior team of engineers with many years of experience building networking systems, software and chips. Whether you build your own chips or use off-the-shelf merchant silicon, it can be frustrating to write software for… Read more »

Let’s get started

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By Jen Rexford and Nick McKeown First things first: Welcome to, the official home of the P4 language, open-source P4 programs, developer tools, compilers and apps. P4 is a declarative language for telling forwarding-plane devices (switches, NICs, firewalls, filters, etc) how to process packets. It’s really cool and we think it’s going to change how… Read more »