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Open Networking Foundation – Trellis

Trellis™ is an open source platform that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and makes it easy for operators to customize it for their applications.

The multi-purpose leaf-spine Trellis fabric supports distributed access networks, NFV, and edge cloud applications. Built using bare-metal switches with merchant-silicon ASICs, Trellis is currently deployed in production networks by a Tier-1 US network operator.

  • Classic-SDN Control with ONOS to directly program ASIC forwarding tables in bare metal switches with merchant silicon
  • L2 forwarding (Bridging) within server-racks and L3 forwarding (Routing) across racks
  • Control plane functionality with Trellis vRouter for external connectivity
  • N-way redundancy and tier-1 telecom operator scale

For more information, visit the TRELLIS web page.

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