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Open Networking Foundation – Stratum

Stratum™ is an open source silicon-independent switch operating system for software-defined networks. Stratum exposes a set of next-generation SDN interfaces to enable the interchangeability of forwarding devices and the programmability of forwarding behaviors.

Stratum avoids the vendor lock-in of today’s data planes (i.e. proprietary silicon interfaces and closed software APIs) and enables easy integration of devices into operator networks. It delivers a complete white box switch solution that realizes the ‘software defined’ promise of SDN with configuration, lifecycle control, and operational interfaces.

As a key software component of SDN solutions, Stratum implements the latest northbound interfaces, including P4Runtime, gNMI/OpenConfig, and gNOI. It does not embed control protocols but instead supports an external Network OS or works with NOS functions running on the same embedded switch.

For more information, visit the Stratum web page.