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Open Networking Foundation – ONOS

Open Network Operating System (ONOS®) is the leading open source SDN controller for building next-generation SDN/NFV solutions.

ONOS enables operators who build carrier-grade solutions to leverage the economics of white box merchant silicon hardware. Operators can then create and deploy dynamic new network services with simplified programmatic interfaces.

ONOS supports both configuration and real-time network control, eliminating the need to run routing and switching control protocols inside the network fabric. By moving intelligence into the ONOS cloud controller, end-users can create new network applications without altering dataplane systems.

The ONOS platform includes:

  • An extensible, modular, distributed SDN controller application
  • Simplified management, configuration, and deployment of software, hardware, and services
  • A scale-out architecture with the resiliency and scalability required for production carrier environments

For more information, visit the ONOS web page.