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Kaloom – Software Defined Fabric

Software Defined Fabric™ features advanced self-forming and self-discovery capabilities, zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) of the virtual networking and virtual components, and automated software upgrades, thus minimizing human intervention and errors while saving time and effort. Network provisioning time is reduced from several days to minutes and is automatically updated during runtime.

Software Defined Fabric™ has been designed to virtualize the data center. A physical data center can be partitioned into multiple independent and fully isolated virtual data centers (vDCs). Each vDC operates with its own Virtual Fabric (vFabric), which can host millions of IPv4- or IPv6-based tenant networks. Additional compute and storage resources can be dynamically assigned or removed from a vDC through the associated vFabric, thus creating a flexible and elastic pool of network resources suitable for network slicing.

The need for expensive physical appliances is eliminated, and new emerging requirements can be met by leveraging low-cost networking white boxes. Software Defined Fabric™ is a pre-tested and certified software solution for networking white boxes from Accton and Delta.

For more information, visit the Kaloom Software Defined Fabric product website.