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P4 Insight

Reduce the development time for networking solutions and fully optimize your network software with Intel® P4 Insight. This software provides powerful debugging tools and gives you a detailed dashboard view of your P4 program so you can see exactly how it’s mapped to hardware resources.


  • Interactive GUI dashboard view of your software
  • Easy-to-read resource allocation reports
  • Detailed resource mapping for better optimization
  • Powerful diff tools for comparing different P4 programs
  • Dynamic search for tables and other components

Intel® P4 Insight provides a more streamlined and simplified path to debug and optimize software written in the world’s only open source network programming language, P4. It allows you to analyze the performance of your code in an interactive, web-based GUI. Dynamically search for specific tables, actions, and other components and quickly examine and modify the way they are mapped to the Intel® Tofino™ resources. You can also easily compare versions of your P4 programs to see how your changes affected their performance.

For more information, visit the Intel P4 Insight webpage

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