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Intel – Tofino Intelligent Fabric Processors (Intel Tofino IFPS)

Tofino, Tofino 2, Tofino 3

The Intel® Tofino™ 3 Intelligent Fabric Processor (IFP) is based on P4-programmability and accelerates packet processing with up to 25.6 Tbps bandwidth. It optimizes power consumption for hyperscale use cases and accelerates machine learning (ML) for distributed training workloads. It also supports real-time in-band network telemetry (INT) spanning the Edge-to-Cloud spectrum.

As data growth accelerates and distributed workloads proliferate, service providers and enterprises require their networks to work smarter. Intel® Intelligent Fabric Processors (Intel® IFPs) enhance Ethernet switching with intelligence, high-performance, and real-time edge-to-cloud telemetry for visibility and manageability. Driven by P4-programmability, Intel® IFPs accelerate packet processing, accelerate machine learning (ML) training and enable highly secure solutions for edge and cloud data centers, high performance computing (HPC) and communications service providers moving to cloud technologies.

Meet the skyrocketing demand for bandwidth and data availability with the world’s fastest P4-programmable Intelligent Fabric Processors.

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