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Innovium – TERALYNX

Data centers are set to dominate IT infrastructure across Public & Private Clouds. The adoption of cloud, mobile, video, Anything-as-a-Service(XaaS), big data analytics, and machine learning is driving rapid growth in cloud data centers. With the emergence of Autonomous cars, 5G cloud-native architectures, Smart Cities, and other Edge Applications, lots of data is being generated and processed at the Edge. Customers are building Edge Data Centers.

In addition to performance, critical data center requirements include real-time, actionable analytics, programmability for future-proof infrastructure, low latency, high power efficiency, and flexibility. These factors demand a fresh, innovative, and focused approach to single consistent scalable switch architecture to offer both high performance and feature set.

The TERALYNX® family of products addresses the entire range of these data center deployments for Cloud, Enterprise, and Edge. Innovium’s TERALYNX Ethernet Switch Silicon family has been architected from the ground up to provide the most optimized Ethernet solutions for data centers. Innovium delivers the world’s highest performance switch silicon with large buffers, unmatched analytics through fine-grain telemetry, low latency, line-rate programmability and, the industry’s best power efficiency in terms of performance per watt.

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