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APS Networks Advanced Programmable Switch BF6064X-T


The APS Networks® Intel® Tofino™-based P4-programmable switch uniquely supports 1588v2 time synchronization and is based on an Intel 8-core Broadwell D-1548 CPU. BF6064X-T provides 64×40/50/100Gb ports with breakout to 256×10/25Gb possible and has a switching capacity of 6.4Tbps. It currently is the only 6.4Tbps Tofino-based switch to support 1588v2 time synchronisation and to be OCP Accepted. The switch is based on an Intel 8-core Broadwell D-1548 CPU and has a 128GB SSD and 32GB RAM and 2x SDN-controller ports as standard. The switch comes with ONIE pre-installed and supports a range of different switch operating systems. APS Networks provides a range of different support options.

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