The P4Runtime API is a control plane specification for controlling the data plane elements of a device defined or described by a P4 program. The P4Runtime API can be used for local or remote control plane applications.

Working Group

P4Runtime is a project under the's API Working Group. For more details on P4Runtime please see the blog post penned by the original API Working Group chairs here. The API Working Group's charter can be found here.


Below are a few helpful resources for you to learn more about P4Runtime.


P4Runtime presentation by Google at the 2017 P4 Workshop

The Open Networking Foundation P4 Brigade

The Stratum Network Operating System, which uses P4Runtime as the northbound API for forwarding


P4Runtime specification


P4Runtime specification and Protobuf/gRPC interface definitions

P4Runtime reference implementation

Compiler with P4Runtime support


P4Runtime: Putting the Control Plane in Charge of the Forwarding Plane

Get Involved

We've made significant progress but there is more to be done. You can get involved by joining and then be joining API working group activities in one or more of the following ways.

Mailing List

Join the API working group's mailing list [email protected] to join the community of engineers working on P4Runtime. To subscribe, visit You can check out the public archive of the mailing list here.

Working Group Meeting

Join the API working group meetings - stay tuned for the announcement for the next meeting date on [email protected] mailing list.